The Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development

The Faculty was established in 1994 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Human Resource Development, Cognitive Science, Counselling through three main departments.

In terms of research the Faculty has identified three main areas, namely cognitive psychology, human factors, intelligent system and learning sciences under the Cognitive Science area. Another area is Human Resource Development which centres on human capital and development management and technology. Counselling, involves research into organisational counselling, technological and clinical.

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Since 1994, the Faculty has grown bigger in human resources. As of now, there are 72 academicians & researchers, with 17 supporting staffs to strengthen the Faculty's core business and services. Without these people, the Faculty could not achieve what you see today.

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Life at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development, University Malaysia Sarawak. Prepare to make the most of your University life by exploring our campuses using links below.

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Partners & Collaborations

Since 1998, the Faculty tries to strengthen the partners and collaboration with external stake-holders. This requires, reaching local stake-holders within & outside Borneo throughout Malaysia.

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Through our large network between past students and current students, we have created a larger family network to assist us on various aspects.

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FCSHD features event space that the University community can use to host events.

Please note that space reservations are decentralized and reservation policies and procedures vary from venue to venue. If you need help identifying the right space on campus for your event, call the respective staffs for further help and informations.

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Community & Industry Engagement

We are committed in helping others in need. Our team consists of Academicians, Researchers and sometimes Students.

The focus is to educate the local communities on the latest technologies and also to help them by applying the practices in their daily works.

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