Our Undergraduate Programmes

Cognitive Science
Human Resource Development

WS24 - Bachelor of Science with Honours (Cognitive Science)

Understanding the human mind has intrigued mankind for centuries. This search has led to the inception of the field of Cognitive Science after World War II. Cognitive Science, being the field in the forefront of brain and mind research, holds great promises in revolutionizing the understanding of ourselves as well in bringing forth technological advancements we could only imagine today. It draws from disciplines such as Psychology, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy with the central purpose of investigating the nature of mind and intelligence. UNIMAS or specifically Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development is the pioneer in spearheading the establishment of Cognitive Science in this region. We are also broadening our concentration to psychology, in line with the growing demands for psychologists in the country. Ours is unique because it focuses on the cognitive aspects of psychology tailored to the needs of professionals from a wide-ranging field, e.g. ergonomics and human factor, learning sciences, medical and the industries at large. To date, 220 students had graduated from the Faculty of Cogntive Science, UNIMAS.

Career Prospects

What sort of career would I have?

Knowledge in Cognitive Science could be important in a wide range of careers in contemporary society; such as information and communication technologies (ICT), training and education, business, design, research, as well as the enhancement and designing of new technologies to assist in the improvement of human work performance in different working environments. Graduates from the program could work as software designer and developer; software, systems or web interface designer; systems support professionals; systems analyst; human factors personnel; consumer product designer; industrial psychologist; consumer psychologist; academician/educator/ tutor; and instructional designer, amongst others.

WP02 - Bachelor of Science With Honours (Human Resource Development)

The Bachelor of Science with Honours (Human Resource Development) program at University of Malaysia Sarawak is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and National Accreditation Board and recognized by the Public Service Department. This program is designed to produce human resource professionals who can assist organizations transform its human capital in realizing its policies and strategies. It is also aimed at producing innovative and adaptive human resource professionals in maximizing the effectiveness of human potentials in an organization. In the pursuit of achieving the above objectives, students are exposed to various disciplines including the aspect of cognition and use of technology to assist in improving human potentials in an organization. Besides, students will be exposed to real working environment through their industrial training and visit.

Career Prospects

Employment Prospects : Students graduate with the following initial career options, such as training officer / executive, trainer, course developer, HR executive, personnel officer, administrative officer, learning coordinator, consultant and organizational development analyst.

WP04 - Bachelor of Counselling with Honours

The programme of study is broadly designed to include formal classes and extensive supervised practicum and internship experiences leading to postgraduate programmes. The curriculum includes courses from the departments of Counselling; Cognitive Science; Human Resource and Language. Elective courses are also available through other faculty in the university. Counselling programme is open to individuals who want to pursue their study in helping environment. In addition to the teaching faculty, a large number of outstanding professionals around Malaysia, participate in the training programs. Internship sites are available on and off campus. They include public and private agencies serving counselling to their employees such as community-based counselling centres and mental health agencies. Accreditation : Full programme accreditation continues to be a priority with the Department of Counselling. As a result, graduates of the counselling programme have the opportunity to become fully certified and licensed in their fields after graduation. The BSc (Hons.) in Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development is fully accredited by the Malaysian Counsellor Board (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia). The degree programmed earned full Malaysian Counsellor Board accreditation on its first application in 2001 and, to this day, continues full accreditation status.

This multidisciplinary programme aims to produce students with extensive knowledge in multimedia computing technology. They will also be equipped with the capability in developing various multimedia applications and tools. The student will also learn various skills such as critical and creative thinking.

Career Prospects

What sort of career would I have? Knowledge and professional skills in our counselling programme could be important in a wide range of careers in contemporary and innovative world; such as counsellor, school counsellor, social services officer, administrative officer, welfare officer, human resource officer and counselling service consultation as well as work in information and communication technologies (ICT).

WA19 - Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

This program is designed to produce professionals with a broad knowledge of psychology who study personality, human development, social behavior, abnormal behavior, cognitive neuroscience, and physiological aspects of human being. By understanding the principles of human behavior, it is hope that graduated students will be able to provide expertise and skills in serving and improving the community. This undergraduate program is broad and comprehensive, conducted through a combination of lectures, tutorial, case study and practical with due regard to the code of conduct. Besides, students will be exposed to the real world through their practical work to the industry/hospital/schools/other communities. This program prepares students to pursuit their study into postgraduate programs and/or other occupations requiring a Psychology background.

Career Prospects

What sort of career would I have?

Graduates with a broad knowledge of the fundamental principles in psychology have highly competitive career prospect, such as Clinical Psychologist, Industrial and organizational Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Mental Health Counselor, Job analyst, Sales Executive, Market Research Analyst, Human Resources Professional, Career Counselor, Psychometrist.